Monday, October 19, 2009

amidst the serpentine slabs and toy pyramids littering his workplace floor, i eyed an unfinished manuscript on his desk entitled "Childhood Memories of Non-Corporeal Companions." the table of contents listed chapters titled after the categories of invisible companions. they were:

1.) Invizikids: "who look like ordinary children from the culture in which they appear."

2.) Elementals: "who appear in rural settings, typically between 30-50 inches in height and resembling goblins or elves."

3.) Animals: "which appear as conventionally sized creatures which can converse in the child's language and on occasion be heard by third parties."

4.) The Wackies: "a class which is further subdivided into 'Sages' and 'Animates.'
a.) 'Sages' appear in exotic dress and often belong to a different culture (native americans, buddha figures, etc). they dispense advice and wisdom to the child.
b.) 'Animates' appear to be household objects which grow human-like limbs (though rarely heads) and may leave behind small gifts.

the manuscript was left unfinished as was/is this story.

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