Wednesday, October 21, 2009

paul klee titles: (fodder for cut-up poems)

"storm in the body"

"a sick man makes plans"

"destroyed labyrinth"

"i thought i was floating like a cloud"

"thoughts of gogatha"

"dances caused by fear"

"the grey man & the coast"

"sulphur region"

"the battle at a standstill"

"seasnail king"

"fisher legend"

"thoughts on our descendants"

"successful incantation"

"signs in the field"

"gate of the deserted garden"

"dame demon"

"bark culture"

"word harbor"

"the bird called pep"

"with the two lost ones"

"lagoon city"

"fear of becoming double"

"between autumn & winter"

"materialized ghosts"

"brutal, but timid"

"an elderly phoenix"

"red & white domes"

"once emerged from the grey of night"

"arabian song"

"fish magic"

"flamboyant devil"

"the castle on the reef"

"highways & byways"

"a man sinking before the crown"

"little world"

"demon above the ships"

"houses drawn by oxen"

"a guardian angel serves a small breakfast"

"vocal fabric of the singer rosa silber"

"magicians in dispute"

"the sacred city"

"day music"

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