Sunday, April 24, 2011

VOL. 4


'evocation machine'

dancing fish exploring an empty cicada shell at the bottom of a lake.

an empty vale bemoans the coming of autumn.

fading cinnabar tombs of forgotten wizards. these are a people who no longer believe in ghosts.

library room meter would burn in a haunted ship. keep one ear open while it sinks. feel free to close it when the process is just about done. you'll know when the filter kicks in.

faces grimace, we look, we return, we describe as best we can.

heard below tendrils of how pop one works ancient ice, oh, there monochrome horizon boys are the envy of the north, the key, the poem, all levers and pulleys controlling the hidden knots of the supernatural. these cave creatures know it's coming, running up the walls of museums papered with an inlaid forest. i heard hunting parts museum exhibitions the early (variant) navigating recessive rooms. one yellow, the other mauve, another a dark shade of green.

home the purple alights on the patterns, concentrating a longing focus spread across some integral switch. if it happens twice lying on your bed try blinking left to right, left to right, then right again, and one more time in reverse. through the trees to climb the ladder on the dreams of a passing wind, silently searching the reeds of the riverways & streams, tall grasses, turning corners, finding its way back around the world.

ground bed, electronic flats

buried poems touching all roads and lanes. of the sounds, airless, birdless, where blue meets black. hilter brewery soak, creek mills, pale filters, lantern gloom. mountain smithey. cork barrels. the glen below the vale.

the things try to use words, the earth, things I actually word fingers, blinks.

lips creaking is a music for pieces and arranges a peculiar melody, sighing musicians yawn and sleep on horizonless fields before a restless crowd. the familar wind parade, a little closer this time, more far than near, though. he wakes up underneath the first known silence of the world.

simple sounds with hauntology relate ear to the presence, vapors, reverberations, fragments longing reverie outskirts, memory pack rats in the middle countries.

yelts on the io.

electronic concept memories imaging press hardware entries forms of cistern travelles, mediums, conduits.

container test-landscapes 1.6km long orbital dwelling estates. visionary infrastructure, unearthly antarctica plant autobiographies, aeroplanes to utopia sea gardens encased in green glass. psychoacoustic geometry of the middle passage. air insects could be giants if the air might reign again. africa garden mali surfaces loss machine utopia map carbonia house walks futures, rings influence windows objects ants oceans in space. wreck rebellion over the sun.


sky song, hand word, black cloud. palace theater. stereo landscape. kudzu-seeds. memorizing the cosmos. secret of the reef. early bathysphere expeditions. roman fog. decline of fog-hunting. fog farms. witchcraft soundtracks.ruins of gallego flour, glowing fronds lining the perimeter of where the village used to be. haunted electronics. alabaster soak.

chalk outlines of model miniature lanscapes.

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