Saturday, October 31, 2009


1.) rapoon - hollow flight
2.) the caretaker - false memory syndrome
3.) brian grainger - untitled 2
4.) atlas sound - saturday night we went swimming
5.) fabio orsi - find electronica (part 1)
6.) krzysztof orluk - beautiful mind
7.) philip jeck - wipe
8.) microstoria - flexen


Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"dust vespers blight" (2009)
ted houghtailng

Monday, October 26, 2009


1.) laurie johnson - happy-go-lucky
2.) charles williams - workroom
3.) alec gould - main street
4.) dominic frontiere - sophisticated
5.) richard harvey - reach for the stars
6.) k. palmer - shopping spree
7.) alan perry - gay time
8.) ivor slaney - window gazing
9.) john longmire - turkey trot
10.) eddie thomas & his orchestra - park lane stroll
11.) john selley & william loose - fashion fox trot
12.) frank samuels - hollywood holiday
13.) k. palmer - holiday playtime
14.) john seeley & william loose - light movement #1
15.) roger roger - pleasure drive
16.) j. beaver - workaday world


Thursday, October 22, 2009

picture courtesy 'the art of memory'

"mr. blythe" (2009)
ted houghtaling

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"some 5,000 years ago, the god thoth travelled to thebes and offered king thamus of egypt the art of writing. he explained hieroglyphs and said that writing was the best remedy for poor memory and feeble knowledge. the king refused the gift.

'memory? knowledge? this invention will encourage forgetting. knowledge resides in truth, not appearance. one cannot remember with the memory of another. men will record, but they won't recall. they will not exercise their memory. they will repeat, but they will not live. they will learn many things, but they won't understand a thing.'"

- plato’s dialogue “phaedrus”
paul klee titles: (fodder for cut-up poems)

"storm in the body"

"a sick man makes plans"

"destroyed labyrinth"

"i thought i was floating like a cloud"

"thoughts of gogatha"

"dances caused by fear"

"the grey man & the coast"

"sulphur region"

"the battle at a standstill"

"seasnail king"

"fisher legend"

"thoughts on our descendants"

"successful incantation"

"signs in the field"

"gate of the deserted garden"

"dame demon"

"bark culture"

"word harbor"

"the bird called pep"

"with the two lost ones"

"lagoon city"

"fear of becoming double"

"between autumn & winter"

"materialized ghosts"

"brutal, but timid"

"an elderly phoenix"

"red & white domes"

"once emerged from the grey of night"

"arabian song"

"fish magic"

"flamboyant devil"

"the castle on the reef"

"highways & byways"

"a man sinking before the crown"

"little world"

"demon above the ships"

"houses drawn by oxen"

"a guardian angel serves a small breakfast"

"vocal fabric of the singer rosa silber"

"magicians in dispute"

"the sacred city"

"day music"

"miasma" (2009)

ted houghtaling

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"hospital tracks" (2009)
ted houghtaling

Monday, October 19, 2009

amidst the serpentine slabs and toy pyramids littering his workplace floor, i eyed an unfinished manuscript on his desk entitled "Childhood Memories of Non-Corporeal Companions." the table of contents listed chapters titled after the categories of invisible companions. they were:

1.) Invizikids: "who look like ordinary children from the culture in which they appear."

2.) Elementals: "who appear in rural settings, typically between 30-50 inches in height and resembling goblins or elves."

3.) Animals: "which appear as conventionally sized creatures which can converse in the child's language and on occasion be heard by third parties."

4.) The Wackies: "a class which is further subdivided into 'Sages' and 'Animates.'
a.) 'Sages' appear in exotic dress and often belong to a different culture (native americans, buddha figures, etc). they dispense advice and wisdom to the child.
b.) 'Animates' appear to be household objects which grow human-like limbs (though rarely heads) and may leave behind small gifts.

the manuscript was left unfinished as was/is this story.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"cinnabar hills" (2009)
ted houghtaling
playful elephants - riverbed marshes

habitation for summering mists, mangroves

river boat journeys sailing past abandoned villages

we were forbidden to dig for minerals along the coast for fear of inciting the ire of the remaining natives.

snatches of sounds from the beechwood
distant emanations further out
impressions of winding tobacco roads
red clay cinnabar
deep soil, old sediment
hidden caches of fossils, patient and silent

last embers
a music like falling asleep on a motorway

"hush! caution! echoland!" (2009)
ted houghtaling


"baculum" (2009)
ted houghtaling

under the volcano

"under the volcano" (final version) (2009)
ted houghtaling